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Are you looking for support in strategic marketing?

You are in the starting phase with your brand, your product or your service and need support with the concretisation of marketing goals? Are you wondering which competitive strategies you should tackle? Are you looking for a way to sustainably integrate your brand into the market or to positively shape the image of your company?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

May we introduce:

As an agency for strategic marketing, we create long-term marketing concepts and thus set sustainable impulses. Strategic approaches that do not get lost in the flood of the digital age – and are always geared to the needs of the target group.

You want to establish your brand sustainably, stand out against competitors, increase your brand awareness, or increase your presence on relevant channels? 

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For a successful marketing strategy, our agency always starts with an analysis of the status quo. What internal strengths and weaknesses can be identified in your company? What opportunities and risks does the current market offer? What resources are available for implementation?

Marketing goals

Based on the company’s goals and the findings of the situation analysis, we help you to set concrete targets for your project. We formulate goals that are specific and realistically achievable, define key figures for measurability and, if required, create a holistic time and budget framework.


Within the framework of strategy development, our agency for strategic marketing works out concrete implementation options with which the set goals and plans are to be achieved. Thanks to our experience, we are able to combine classic marketing methods with the latest innovations of the time.


Our marketing agency supports you in using the appropriate instruments for the implementation of the marketing strategy. How is the price communication designed? Which distribution channels, which partners and which type of communication are crucial for the implementation?


Within the framework of an editorial plan, our agency for strategic marketing takes over the coordination and implementation of defined marketing instruments. In the process, concrete time and budget frames are set, personnel and responsibilities are assigned and resources are allocated.


If necessary, we ensure that marketing goals are actually implemented and achieved. We monitor the entire implementation process, check ongoing campaigns and make adjustments to individual measures. We inform you about the status quo through regular reports and the presentation of important key figures.

Never again bad Marketing


Emotionally captivating and incredibly effective – as an agency for strategic marketing, we develop holistic marketing concepts that convince. We give 100% for every client and create individual B2B and B2C marketing strategies based on your ideas, goals and budget.

Agentur für Strategisches Marketing


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Building trust within the target group and creating awareness for the company in the first place – only well-implemented marketing concepts can achieve this. And not only that: new brands, services and products are made visible, appear tangible and real for potential users and buyers. Marketing puts your message in the centre, in the public spotlight.


      • Marketing Strategy
      • Brand Management
      • Corporate Identity
      • Content Creation
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Remarketing
      • Market and competitor analysis

No matter what marketing strategy you need, we are there for you!

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