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Do you need an agency with strong communication skills that place your company, your products, and services at the center of media events? Your long-term goal is to get your message across to the public in a credible and emphatic way? Are you wondering which means of communication work best for your cause?


May we introduce:

As a press and public relations agency, we are optimally networked with over 10,000 contacts in the press world to get your message to the desired target group. In close consultation with you, we develop customized communication strategies that are guaranteed to be noticed both offline and in the digital world.

You want to enter into dialogue with the public,
get your message into the major industry magazines,
and come across as trustworthy and emphatic?

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Analysing the initial situation is an important step in understanding your current external communication. For this, we draw on all available company data and facts. What is the current situation on the market? What strengths and weaknesses can be identified? Are there already processes that have been implemented?

Target state

What changes does your company anticipates as a result of the measures? How should the company be perceived by the public in the future? The aim here is to shape the image of your company in the long term. This is important in order to be able to clearly communicate the defined values and principles in the later implementation.

Target groups & Goals

With which target group does your company want to enter into dialogue? Our agency works out target group-specific characteristics to ensure a precise target group approach. Clearly defined and measurable targets are important cornerstones for monitoring the quality of long-term and short-term campaigns.

Actions & Messages

Formalised measures are now integrated into an action plan that provides clarity, structure and orientation for implementation. Which measures should be taken at what time and by what means? The previously formulated core messages must now be communicated to the relevant target groups.


We think multi-medially and spread your messages via print, website, social media, TV, mailing and many more. Wherever your target group spends more time and comes into contact with your message. This is the only way to build sustainable awareness for your company and secure it in the long term.

Budget & Control

Once the measures have been planned, both time and budget can be narrowed down and calculated by us. Now it is time to evaluate the communication strategy and make necessary adjustments by continuously reviewing the measures.

Never invisible again


Our mission is to take your company’s message to the public in a strategic and targeted way. We set up suitable communication strategies that create trust among your target group and promote a positive image. Public acceptance is only possible when a company positions itself as a whole – we ensure that the implementation is smooth, whether in online or offline media.

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Our communication instruments

  • Classic press or media work: writing and distributing press releases, topic planning, topic contributions for various media, answering press inquiries, conducting trips for journalists and interviews, press conferences, press talks, press invitations, etc.
  • Press contact and journalist support: We are the official contact and your press office.
  • Media monitoring: Evaluation of media response and assessment of PR activities
  • Media design: Creation of brochures, flyers, advertisements, newsletters and advertorials
  • Event organisation: planning and realisation of conferences, seminars, trade fairs and other events (e.g. meet and greet)
  • Presentations and interviews: We get you on stage!
  • Trainings: Media training and coaching

We take on

  • Your press office
  • Journalists Communication
  • Storytelling
  • Internal Communication
  • Event Communication
  • Political Communication
  • Brand Communication
  • Social Media Communication
  • Crisis Communication

No matter what communication strategy you need, we are there for you!

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