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Please note that out of loyalty and confidentiality towards our customers, we do not publicly showcase all of our projects. Especially specific and extensive projects or campaigns are a matter of trust for us. If you are interested in explicit references and cases from a particular field, feel free to approach us about it.

On Instagram @miriam_ernst_consulting we frequently publish projects we are working on.

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If you are interested in explicit references and cases from a specific field, please feel free to approach us regarding that.

Influencer Relations & PR MANAGEMENT

The grand reopening of the docboom store in Frankfurt was a complete success. Through our targeted influencer relations and PR management, we ensured the necessary attention both online and offline.
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Influencer Relations

The use of strategic influencer relations has provided us with the necessary online attention to promote the new collection and generate sales.
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Event Management

The Subscription Leader Summit 2022 was a complete success in every way, and we were able to seamlessly build upon the first summit. Our event management ensured a smooth execution of the event.
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Social Media Management

Social media management, content creation, and community management have enabled the creation of a strong brand presence, thus ensuring increased visibility and reach.
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Social Media Management

Our continuous strategic social media management promotes the visibility of the Penguin Adoption Program online and is increasingly inspiring more people to adopt.
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Public Relations & Influencer Relations

The inaugural presentation of Van Gogh's contactless digital art experience in Frankfurt was a milestone. Through targeted influencer relations and PR management, both online and offline attention was ensured to immerse visitors in his captivating world.
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What you should know about us...

We are competent, thorough, fast, authentic, and motivated. Working with us is also fun – at least that’s what our customers say 🙂 . It’s only the industry we haven’t decided on yet: We excel in lifestyle, cosmetics, fashion, medical technology, tourism, automotive, and much more.







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As the Best Creative & Professional Content Consultant 2022 by the German Business Awards 2022.

This coveted award recognizes the exceptional achievements of companies in Germany and motivates us to continue delivering top-notch consulting and content, consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.

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